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Product Category: Compaction Equipment

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Per Day: $81.00
4 Hours: $54.00

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Horizontal self-leveling for precise outdoor leveling applications.
Leveling accuracy up to 1/8-in at 100-ft (3mm at 30m) with working range up to 1600-ft (500m) diameter        
Self leveling range up to +/- 5° that can sense and indicate out-of-level conditions
Manual Mode allows laser to tilt for simple slope applications
Smart H.I. Alert System alerts user when laser has been moved
Variable rotation speeds for a wide variety of jobsite visibility settings: 0, 60, 300 and 600RPM
Dual Manual grade matching up to 10.00% in both axes
Enclosed rotor housing keeps laser safe from the elements or tough jobsite conditions
Horizontal Accuracy @ 100-ft (30m): ±1/8-in (3mm)
Range with Detector (Diameter): 1600-ft (500m)
Interior Range (Diameter): n/a
Leveling Type (Degrees): Electronic (±5º)
Beam Rating: Class 2M, 650nm
Vertical Self-Leveling @ 100-ft (30m): n/a
Slope/Grade Capability: Dual (±10.00%)
Battery Type: 4-C Cell
Water/Dust Protection: IP55


Jumping Jack – Dirt


Per Day: $86.00
4 Hours: $69.00

Vibro Plate – Asphalt/Slag


Per Day: $82.00
4 Hours: $65.00

Reversible Plate Tamper


Per Day: $118.00
4 Hours: $91.00

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Reversible Plate Compactors Features in Detail

  • Superior compaction in any direction. Forward. Reverse. On the spot. Ideal for compacting sand, gravel, and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls and abutments.
  • Lightweight 220 lbs. and a force of 5200#
  • Dual eccentrics; allows “on-the-spot” compaction.
  • Easy-to-reach, centrally located operating controls.
  • Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental damage.
  • Centrally located oil-lubricated dual exciter for maneuverability and stability.
  • Heavy-duty wear-resistant steel base plates for optimum performance.
  • Fully hydrostatic, infinitely variable speed range allows for faster compacting, greater maneuverability and superior control.

Reversible Plate Compactors

  • Model: RP522
  • Plate Size-(W x L): 15.75″ x 24″
  • Operating Weight: 220 lbs. 
  • Engine Options: 4 hp Honda
  • Machine Size (L x W x H): 45″ x 15.75″ x 40″
  • Centrifugal Force: 5200 lbs.

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