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Leaf and Yard Vacuum

Leaf and Yard Vacuum


Per Day: $71.00
4 Hours: $58.00

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The world already knows that Little Wonder produces the very best walk-behind blower on the market. It just makes sense that we would introduce the best lawn vacuum, the Little Wonder High Performance Vac.

  • Clears and collects stones, bottles, cans, debris and other material that would normally have to be swept up by hand.
  • Saves valuable time and man-power resources.
  • Best reduction ratio – reduces debris 20% better than the competition
  • Nozzle height automatically adjusts – no need to stop the engine and change height settings to avoid ‘scalping’ and ‘digging in’ on rough terrain
  • Unique Debris Collection bag – dust direction system reduces clouding; redirects dust away from operator; bag is easy to unload
  • Less noise – advanced impeller design and welded steel housing for “smoother air flow”
  • The best vacuum available anywhere!