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2004 F350 Pickup Truck


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5.4l v8

aluminum bed with folding sides


regular cab

new leaf springs and inspection 3/23

Back Drop Games $75 each or $250 For All 4


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$75 Each Or All Four For $250

Games Are 3.5 Ft Wide by 5 Ft Tall

Each game comes with a storage bag and all necessary accessories.

Doll House 15 X 15 Bounce


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Knights Combo Castle 4 In 1


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Log Splitter


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26 Ton

2″ Ball

5.5Hp Honda Motor

Pirate Ship Bounce


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Princess Castle 4 In 1


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Carpet Pre-Spotter Quarts


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Removes stubborn spots from all types of carpet and upholstery

Carpet Cleaner Quart


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For carpet cleaning with steam or extractor equipment
Fortified with sudless solvents, detergents, and brighteners

Carpet Odor Remover Quarts


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One squirt dissipates offending odors when applied to source

Dust Shroud 5″ Hinged


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MK Diamond IXL 5″ Vacuum Shroud is designed for concrete and surface grinding dust control. The shroud easily attaches to a vacuum or dust extractor resulting in a cleaner working environment. It controls airborne particles, protecting workers from dangerous crystalline silica exposure. The use of a shroud prolongs the life of the tool by preventing abrasive dust and debris from entering the motor. The shroud easily attaches to a vacuum or dust extractor resulting in a cleaner working environment and increasing visibility during grinding. It captures airborne particles thus protecting workers from dangerous crystalline silica.

  • Developed for all grinding and polishing operations
  • The front nose easily swings away for edge work
  • Increases cup wheel life by removing abrasive dust
  • Dust control reduces clean up time
  • Designed for use when cleaning, leveling spots, removing epoxies, urethanes, paint and other coatings
  • Fits popular 4″ and 5″ hand grinders

Dust Shroud 7″


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Cherry , Apple Cider , Orange , Sweet Tea , Pina Colada , Blue Raspberry , Margarita , Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Diaquiri,  $12.00 Ea

(FRAPPE VINO SLUSH BASE $ 38.50  can be used with wine, hard liquor, champagne and more)

(NEUTRAL BASE 1GAL  $16.43   No Flavor)

Snow Cone Cups and Spoon Straws see details for pricing


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Cup are sold in packs of 50 sold for $3.75

Spoon Straws in packs of 50 sold for $2.00

Snow Cone Metered Pumps


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1 oz metered sold each

Snow Cone Syrup


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Spin Art Cards 100Pk


Spin Art Paint 6 colors to a Set


Spin Art Paint Tops 6 To a Set


Call for Pricing



Call for Pricing

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Rock Exotica


We add new items weekly. Please call us if you don't see what you need! - Prices are subject to change without notice. - All charges are for time out, used or not. Please make your selections carefully.