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Rental FAQs 

Q.  What are your store hours?

A. Our store hours in the summer are Monday thru Friday 7:30am -6pm, Saturday 8am- 5pm and Sunday 10am -2pm (we are here at 9:30 am for inflatable returns only)

During the winter months we are open Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-3pm and we are closed Sunday.

Q.   What do I need to bring with me when I come to rent something?

A. All rentals require a valid PA Driver’s licenses/photo ID, a phone number and an open check or credit card. You may pay cash, check or charge when the item is returned. Your phone number becomes you account number and will be asked for on future rentals. Generally your home number is better to use than your cell

Q.  What if I have moved or changed my phone number since my last rental?

 A. Please let us know if you have changed your phone number or address we can easily look up you account using your old phone number and make the adjustments

Q.  How long can I keep a rented item?

A. You should be aware that all charges are for time out, whether used or not. So, please choose dates and times carefully. We charge for all days out including holidays and Sundays!

One day rental is up to 8 hours, rented equipment is to be returned by close the same business day or at opening the next morning. (When renting equipment you may put 8 hours on the machine, any time over the 8 hours will be an additional charge. Most equipment is equipped with hour meters) there are exceptions. Party items are not 8 hours. They are due for return at opening the following day-regardless of what time they were picked up.

A half day rental is up to 4 hours during normal business hours. To accommodate everyone we generally do half day rentals starting in the morning (8-12) or the afternoon. (1-5)

Overnight rentals are frequently charged the same as a half day. (Some rental items are not eligible for a overnight discount and are charged as a full day rental). Overnight rentals are first come first serve we will not take reservations for overnight rentals. Overnight rentals MUST be picked up within the last 45 minutes we are open and MUST be returned at opening the next day. Early pickups or Late returns will result in additional charges.

Weekly rentals are available we offer a 5 day week ( keep 5 days only pay for 3) or a 7 day week ( keep 7 days pay for 4) Weekly rentals must be 5 or 7 consecutive days. You may not split the week.

Monthly rentals are available. A month rental is 28 consecutive days and is charged at 3 times the 7day rate.

Q.  Can I have my items delivered?

A. Yes! We offer deliver on equipment as well as party

Q.  How much is delivery?

A. Delivery prices vary depending on mileage and the size of the delivery. Normal delivery is driveway to driveway during normal business hours. If you need your items delivered somewhere other than your driveway additional charges will be applied. Delivery to upper floors or downstairs, and setup and take down of tables and chairs, can be provided for an additional charge. This should be arranged in advance so the proper labor is provided and that the proper amount of time is allowed for delivery. Also if you need after-hour/early morning deliver/pick-up we need to know in advance and additional charges will be applied. Please call to discuss your event we can work out an estimated delivery cost.

Q.  When will my tent be set up?

A. Although your tent is guaranteed for the day of the event only, we try to start setting up tents for the weekend as early as Wednesday. We will call you at the beginning of the week to set up a time and day that is convenient for you. We will try our best to work with you schedule. Usually we set deliveries for morning 8-12 or afternoon 1-5. If you need a specific time please let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate

NOTE: The area the tent is being set up in needs to be free of vehicles and mowed at least a day before the tent installation all clippings should be picked up. Please make sure you pick up all dog poop from the area. 

 Q.  Will you bring me all my other rental items with my tent?

 A. Yes we will bring all your additional rental items along with the tent for an additional minimal fee. This fee is to cover the additional

Q.  Why is there an additional fee to bring all my other rental items when you are already going to be here to set up my tent?

A. The price of your tent rental includes the setup and delivery of your tent ONLY. We need to add the additional charge to cover the cost of loading and unloading all the additional items as well as the additional time it will

Q.  Will you set up my table and chairs?

A. Table, chair, and equipment set-up and take- down is NOT included with the delivery charges. If you wish, we will be happy to set-up and/or take-down your equipment at an additional

Q.  What should I do with my rented items to get them ready for you to pick up?

A. Items ready for pick-up should be sorted and available to our drivers. All china, silver, utensils, etc. should be rinsed, dry, food free and re-packed in the same containers as delivered. A charge will be assessed for all boxes and crates NOT returned. All breakage, loss and cleaning charges are in addition to rental charges. Linen should be residue-free and dry to prevent staining and mildew. Tables and chairs must be stacked and ready for pick-up in the same location they were delivered. If a Sunday, holiday or after hours pick-up is requested, a service charge will be added. ALL RENTED ITEMS NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM INCLEMENT WEATHER!

Q.  What are your reservation and cancellation policies?

A. For party items our reservation policy is as follows

  • Party items may be booked up to nine months in advance.
  • A 50% deposit is required on all party reservations at the time of booking


  • Cancellation 30 days in advance of an event will receive a Full refund.
  • Cancellation 29-14 days in advance of an event will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellation or major alterations 13 days or less before an event – NO REFUND
  •  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!There will be no exceptions to this cancellation policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Equipment reservations

  • Equipment may be reserved up to 7days in advance (credit card required)
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of rental will be charged a cancellation fee
  • Equipment will NOT be held more than 30 minutes past reserved pick-up time!

Q.  I am tax-exempt. What kind of paperwork do you need on file?”

A. We need a copy of your “Sales Tax Exemption Certificate” with signature and Vendor’s License / Tax ID Number.  We need this information before the start of your rental.

We cannot accept a Vendor’s License / Tax ID Number over the phone. We must have a physical copy with signature for our files.

Q.   What size tent do I need?

A. If you can tell us how many people you want under the tent and what you want those people to be able to do, we can tell you what size tent you need. Our sales staff can make a CAD of your tent and its contents. For example, if you need to be able to seat 200 people for a buffet-style dinner, provide a stage for a three-piece band, and have enough area for two bars and a dance floor, we can show you how to fit it all.

Q.  What is the Damage Waiver and why is it required?

A. The non-refundable fee for damage waiver is 7% of your actual rental equipment charge. No damage waiver fee is applied to sales, delivery charges or tax. Because of this service, you will not be responsible for Incidental damage to our equipment. For example, if a couple of glasses break, or you break a tooth of a bobcat bucket you will not be responsible for the replacement costs.  It is simply our policy.

This is to alleviate the pressures of renting equipment. We do not want you to worry about one of your guests accidentally dropping a glass while you are trying to have a good time entertaining. And we do not want to worry about questioning our client about a broken chair the week afterward.

Keep in mind, missing equipment is NOT covered by the damage waiver. If a rack of 36 martini glasses or a stump grinder disappears, you are still responsible for the replacement.

However, the Damage Waiver does not cover ALL damage, only accidental damage not caused by negligence, abuse or misuse. For example, Damage caused by leaving tables outside while it rains is not covered. Damage caused by rolling a bobcat over is not covered Damages caused by using charcoal in a propane grill is not covered. TIRES ARE NOT COVERED BY DAMAGE WAIVER! Other excluded damages include gross negligence or operation of equipment by an operator other than the renting customer.

Q.  What is gross negligence?

A. Gross negligence means using a piece of equipment with disregard to common sense care of such equipment. Gross negligence includes, but not limited to items damaged while loading and unloading, in transit, by fire, by customer’s dismantling or operating machinery without proper oils and/or lubrication.

If you should receive damaged equipment upon delivery, you need to notify us at the time. We reserve the right to replace any damaged equipment prior to your event. If we do not hear about the damage prior to the event, we have to assume that the damage occurred while the equipment was in your possession.

Please see the Damage Waiver definition on the back of you contract for more information

Q.  Am I responsible for fuel?

A. YES Equipment is sent out full of fuel, we ask that it be returned that way. Equipment not returned full will be charged for the fuel used at a rate of at least double the pump rate. Filling it up yourself will save you money.

Q.  Am I responsible for tires and tracks?

A. The customer is responsible for all tire or track damage or flats. If we are called for on-site repair we will charge our shop rate. 

Q.  What about cleaning equipment?

A. Equipment is sent out clean and is to be returned clean. A cleaning charge will be added if equipment is returned dirty. 

Q.  I need to send my wife to pick up a piece of equipment for me, will someone load it for her?

A. Yes we will be happy to help with the loading and unloading of equipment at our store.

Rental Time is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury sustained while equipment is being loaded into or out of a customer’s vehicle.

If a Rental Time employee assists in the loading/unloading of equipment, the customer assumes the full risk of any damage or injury.

Q.   Do you Deliver moonwalks?

A. No, in order to keep the cost of moonwalks affordable to everyone we do not deliver them.

Q.   So if you don’t deliver it how do I get it home?

A. All of our moonwalks are able to be picked up in a minivan, SUV or pickup truck. As long as your seats are down or out of the vehicle. We will load them and unload them for you at the store. 

Q.   I want to have my party at a park can I still rent a moonwalk?

A. Yes you can. All Moonwalk rentals that are being used anywhere but your own private back yard is considered a public event and must be inspected by a state certified inspector. This is the Law in PA we have no choice but to abide by

Rental time has certified inspectors on staff everyday to accommodate public events. There is an additional charge for the inspection. It varies by location.

Q.  Can I return an item when Rental Time is closed?

A. No, there is no safe place to leave equipment. You are responsible for any items dropped off after hours. You are also responsible for the hourly charges until we the item safely in our possession.

Q.  What do I do if the item I rented isn’t working properly?

A. Call us immediately! If we are not open leave a message. The only way we know there is a problem is if you call us, if we do not hear from you we assume everything was working properly. When you call we will help you troubleshoot the problem there usually is a simple solution. If we can’t trouble shoot it over the phone you will be asked to return the item and we will replace it with another model. Some equipment we may come and fix onsite. We strive to make sure everything is in working order, but problems do arise and we try to rectify the situation as fast as possible.

Q.  I don’t know what equipment I need for my job! Can you help me?

A. We have been doing this a long time we can assist you in making a decision as to what tool or equipment may work for your job. We can give you the pros and cons of using each piece of equipment. But keep in mind we have not seen your job site and we are giving suggestions based solely on what you have told us. The final decision on what to rent is yours. We charge for the amount of time the equipment is out whether it is used or not so please make your decision carefully!