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Pit Stop Challenge!

Pit Stop Challenge!


Per Day: $151.00
4 Hours: $0.00

Additional Details / Photos
  • New, FAST-PACED & HIGH ENERGY Rental Attraction
  • 10.5′ x 7′ Colorful & Rugged Vinyl Backdrop
  • Steel Framework
  • Real Tires
  • DeWalt Air Compressor
  • Hose & Impact Wrench
  • Carrying Cases

Ways to enjoy Pit Stop Challenge:

  • Pit Stop and Pizza  – The perfect way to entertain your teenage Son and his guest at his birthday party.
  • Company Picnic – Let your employees see who can get the best time. Give a prize to the winner!
  • School Carnival – Kids love to get their hands on the air impact wrench. Graphics of the race car will enhance any event.
  • Promotions – Perfect for any automobile related business. Tire Shops, Auto Dealers, Auto Parts Stores, etc. Have a DJ show up with Pit Stop Challenge and invite the public to take the challenge to beat the time and win a prize.
  • Car Cruise – Add some excitement to your next car cruise with Pit Stop Challenge.
  • After Prom Activity – Pit Stop Challenge will keep the students entertained all night as they try to get the best time and become the Pit Stop King.