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Toe-Kick Saw

Toe-Kick Saw


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Our latest model No. 775 Toe-Kick Saw cuts flush to the inner wall of a toe space in a cabinet or counter to remove old underlayment. Model No. 775 comes with the No. 787 3-3/8″ Carbide-Tipped Blade ONLY for cutting wood. Do not use the small diameter No. 788 2-3/4″ blade on this saw. The No. 789 Toe-Kick Saw Diamond Blade is sold separately and can still be used on model No. 775 for cutting tile or grout. Model No. 775 includes a clutch mechanism that may disengage to reduce kickback forces if the saw is abused by cutting curves or cutting backwards with the saw.

Motor: 21/2 HP 120V 11A 60 Hz
Blade Shaft RPM: 4,500 RPM
Weight: 8.9 lbs
Toe-kick area to be cut:
Minimum Height: 3-1/2″
Maximum Depth: 4″
Maximum Floor Thickness:
No. 787 = 3/4″ Deep Carbide Tipped
No. 789 = 3/8″ Diamond Blade 2-5/8″ dia. For cutting ceramic tiles up to 3/8″ thick